Multi Light & Dog Half-Wrap Kit (JJ)

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We have combined 2 of our best selling products to give you an even better savings!

Dog Multi-Light & Essential Half Wrap Kit!

Transform the well-being of your dog with our comprehensive kit, which is safe and effective in any situation. This kit is designed so that even newbies will be successful!

The Multi-Light provides more options than ever in portable light therapy devices.

This new generation light therapy device offers 3 color options in one convenient to handle unit, to provide the most flexibility in treatment yet. With just a simple touch on the end cap, you will have a red light, green light or blue light therapy at your fingertips.

The Multi Light’s advanced technology provides non-invasive therapy for your pets.

3 Color Options in 1 light with just a touch of a finger.

  • Red Light
  • Blue Light
  • Green Light

What is included with your Multi-Light:

  • Multi-Light
  • Nylon Holster
  • Rechargeable Batteries
  • Battery Charger

*The tip kit for your Pro Gen II light WILL also work on this light.

The Essential Half Wrap


The Essential Half-Wrap Pad offers the convenience of a one-touch button to provide red light therapy and near-infrared to target difficult-to-reach and problematic areas. The Half-Wrap is designed for effectiveness and simplicity, with red and ner-infrared light, three time settings (10, 20, & 30 minutes), and a compact controller and battery.

      The Essential Half-Wrap provides deep penetration for a variety of areas including:

      Paws, hoofs joints, hocks, poll, legs, shoulders, and neck. Great for small critters like dogs and cats.

      It features 3 time settings (10, 20, or 30 minutes) and utilizes 69 Red and 69 near Infrared lights (both colors always on). With its extra strap, it can easily adjust to any wrap size and has a convenient and easy-to-use design. The half-wrap pad measures approximately 13 cm by 32.9 cm.

Product Includes:

1- Essential Half-Wrap

1- Essential Half-Wrap Battery & Charger

1- 12" Velcro Extension Strap

Free Bonuses to Enhance Your Experience: Additional Reference Book to treat more conditions! Illuminate your dog's wellness journey with this all-inclusive kit, designed to bring the benefits of red, blue, green, and near-infrared lights into their life. Elevate their vitality, comfort, and joy with the Equine Multi-Light & Essential Half Wrap Kit - because a happier, healthier dog starts with light.