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Standard Pain-Free Pad System
Standard Pain-Free Pad System

Standard Pain-Free Pad System

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Quick Start Guide
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Hand-Held Brochure

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Pain-Free Pad System Strap & Cover Accessory Kit
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Standard Pain-Free Pad System

Designed for the active lifestyle so aches and pains don't slow you down. Using the latest light technology, this has been referred to as the "magic pad" due to the life changing results people have gotten.

  • Ultra-flexible
  • 180 bulbs; 91 Red, 53 Infrared, & 36 Blue
  • Incorporates pulsed Nogier technology for improved results
  • The hands-free design makes it safe to use on horses, dogs & cats!
  • 7 Nogier frequencies built into 4 preset combinations and a 10-minute treatment time (with the Bluetooth option to add more individual settings or longer treatment times.)
  • Washable & waterproof!
  • Covers large surface area; 14.25 inches by 8.25 inches=117.5 in. sq. treatment area
  • Runs on battery or can be plugged in
  • The thinnest pad on the market
  • Patented reflective white background provides 100% light penetration
  • Wireless operation
The Standard Pain-Free Pad System includes:
  • 1 large pad w/pad cover
  • Controller w/ battery & case
  • Charging Cable
  • 1 set of long velcro straps (narrow & wide)
  • Carrying case

The Pain-Free Pad System has a 2 year warranty.

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