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Standard Pad Combo Kit (Dog)
Standard Pad Combo Kit (Dog)

Standard Pad Combo Kit (Dog)

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Kit Includes

Pain-Free Pad System
Pain-Free Pad
Pro Gen II
Pro Gen II
Standard Light
Standard Light
Dog Book
Dog Book
Dog Charts
Horse Charts
Tote Bag
Canvas Tote Bag
Pain-Free Pad Quick Start
Pain-Free Pad Quick Start
Hand-Held Quick Start
Hand-Held Quick Start
Standard Pain-Free Pad Combo Kit Includes:

1- Standard Pad System
1- Pro Gen II Light
2- Pro Gen II Batteries
1-Standard Light
2- Standard Light Batteries
1- Battery Charger
1- Photonic Health Canvas Bag Durable, lightweight canvas bag to hold all of your Photonic Health Materials.
1- Red Light Therapy for Dogs Book This spiral bound book provides a great introduction to Traditional Chinese Medicine in dogs. Includes charts depicting the location of all 12 meridians on the dog. Has 30 ailment specific charts that will guide you in where to red light your dog.

The Pro Gen II is the GOLD standard in portable light therapy devices.

Designed by horse people FOR horse people, this devices is like having a Swiss army knife of medical treatment in your grooming bucket.

Whether it's colic, ulcers, tendon issues or muscle soreness, your horse will experience immediate relief from a wide range of issues.

This new generation light therapy device is features 3 settings for more flexibility in treatment, is simple to use, and is 100% safe.

The Pro Gen II's advanced technology provides non-invasive therapy for you and your horse this is 100% portable, water-resistant and horse-proof.

The Second Generation Pro Light

3 Settings in 1 light

  • Low
  • Medium
  • Universal Healing Frequency Setting

Pain-Free Pad System

Designed for the active lifestyle so aches and pains don't slow you down. Using the latest light technology, this has been referred to as the "magic pad" due to the life changing results people have gotten.

  • Ultra-flexible
  • 180 bulbs; 91 Red, 53 Infrared, & 36 Blue
  • Incorporates pulsed Nogier technology for improved results
  • The hands-free design makes it safe to use on horses, dogs & cats!
  • 7 Nogier frequencies built into 4 preset combinations and a 10 minute treatment time. (With the option to use the Bluetooth app to add individual frequencies and longer treatment times.)
  • Washable & waterproof!
  • Covers large surface area; 14.25 inches by 8.25 inches=117.5 in. sq. treatment area
  • Runs on battery or can be plugged in
  • The thinnest pad on the market
  • Patented reflective white background provides 100% light penetration
  • Wireless operation

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