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Hy-C Serum
Hy-C Serum

Hy-C Serum

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Hy-C Activating serum is chemical-free and formulated with Camu Camu, Green Tea Extract and Hyaluronic acid to enhance the positive effects of light-emitting frequency technology on your skin. Light Emitting Frequency Technology can create a collagen matrix when combined with Camu Camu, Green Tea Extract and Hyaluronic acid. This matrix may stimulate collagen production and slow down visible signs of aging. When combined with light emitting frequency therapy from The Nova Luna Rejuvenating Face Mask, your skin has the ideal environment it needs to produce more collagen to reduce the appearance of signs of aging, improve elasticity and youthfulness of the skin while potentially reducing wrinkles, blemishes, and scars.

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