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2-Light Dog ACL Kit (Pro Gen II + Multi-Light)
2-Light Dog ACL Kit (Pro Gen II + Multi-Light)

2-Light Dog ACL Kit (Pro Gen II + Multi-Light)

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For a limited time, FREE light diffuser tip kit with any Pro Gen II light purchase!
Part Number:661

Kit Includes

Pro Gen II Light
Pro Gen II Light
Dog Book
Red Light Therapy for Dogs
ACL Book & Course
ACL Book & Course
Tote Bag
Photonic Health Canvas Bag
Quick Start Guide
Hand-Held Quick Start Guide
Battery Charger
Battery Charger
Battery Cases
Battery Cases
Bonus: Dog Tendon/Joint Supplement
Dog Tendon/Joint Supplement

The Multi-Light provides more options than ever in portable light therapy devices.

This new generation light therapy device offers 3 color options in one convenient to handle unit, to provide the most flexibility in treatment yet. With just a simple touch on the end cap you will have red light, green light or blue light therapy at your fingertips. The tip kit for your Pro Gen II light will also work on this light. 

The Multi Light’s advanced technology provides non-invasive therapy for you and your family (furry or otherwise).

The Long Awaited Multi-Color Hand Held Light

3 Color Options in 1 light with just a touch of a finger.

  • Red Light
  • Blue Light
  • Green Light
Package Includes:

1- Multi-Light
1- Pro Gen II Light
4- Pro Gen II/Multi-Light Batteries
1- Battery Charger

Photonic Health Canvas Bag -
Durable, lightweight canvas bag to hold all of your Photonic Health Materials.
Red Light Therapy for Dogs Book - This spiral bound book provides a great introduction to Traditional Chinese Medicine in dogs.Includes charts depicting the location of all 12 meridians on the dog. Has 50+ ailment specific charts that will guide you in where to red light your dog.
ACL eBook & Online Course*- A step by step guide to rehabilitating your dogs ACL tear.

*eBook & online course are non-refundable

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